Skull Rings – A Death Culture

Buy 13″ Handcrafted “Hestia” Pure – Youngsters prefer to wear skull jewelry in general, and skull rings in particular. They wear it to look “cool” and look “different.” They prefer skull rings over the simple rings with no designs. Designs of skulls are preferred over other designs. Wearing such rings give them a different look. The rings are shown in programs of television and also shown by the film industry people. Rock stars also wear such kind of rings bedecked with skull designs. Skull is mostly considered as a symbol of death, hazard and risk. Death is now a fashion and many brands and companies use such kind of different symbols to attract their customers. People are now attracted by this deadly fashion curve. The people who are innovators and are willing to adopt different and new things in their lives to show that they are trendy usually wear such rings. These are now more than just fashion and have reached the style iconic status.

People wearing them are giving statements that they are fearless of anything. They are powerful, that they do not need anyone for their safety, that they are trendy, that they are independent and that they are not afraid of death. Folks wearing them are conceived to be more stylish and impregnable than those folks who are elegantly dressed wearing simple jewelry. Some people wear these rings to show that they are loyal to a certain gang or group. On the other hand, mostly the citizens who are law breakers wear such sort of bijou to show their fearlessness. People use this kind of ornament mostly due to the reinforcement by the media. Skull jewelry is seen in abundance on the event of Halloween. Wearing such rings is sometimes made compulsory in different concerts.

A common misapprehension about wearing skull rings is that only men like and find such jewel appealing. It may be considered as true in the past, but today it is not more than just a myth. Human skull is part of a human being, not only a part of men only, but a part of female also. The skull rings in delicate and feminine designs have also been introduced by many designers. They are designed more beautifully day by day. Mostly voguish girls wear skull designed rings to show that they are daring and strong. Eyes of skulls in the rings are embedded with beautiful and precious stones (like zirconia), diamonds. The stones used in the rings are of various colors. Pink, blue, white, black, green and red colors are mostly used. The rings are made up of different metals including platinum and gold.

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